Windows server template

The following configuration parameters are included in Windows server templates by Swisscom. Please check as well the deployment advices.


Please update / patch your OS RIGHT after deployment. Our golden image templates are only updated on an unregular basis.Patching and Updating of the OS is your responsibility according to the DCS service description.

Generic Windows Server parameters

  • RDP enabled (Allow remote connections to this computer)
  • All 3 RDP rules enabled

RDP Rules

  • SNMP Service installed as feature
  • BITS and SNMP Trap Service changed to automatic
  • Disabled all weak ciphers and hashes (If problems with SSL/TLS connections occuror SQL Server installation occur, delete the key named SHA. This is the most likely cause of the problem.)
  • DNS servers: and

RDP Rules

  • Network adapter type = VMXNET3
  • Most current VMware tools installed
  • Guest OS Customization settings:
    • Enable guest customization
    • 2 Change SID
    • Allow local administrator password
    • Auto generate password

Windows 2016 Server

Guest OS Type = Windows Server 2012

If you select Windows Server 2016 as guest OS type the VM cannot be started.

  • Create an empty VM
  • Choose Windows Server 2012 as guest OS type

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